"Be still and know that I am God." --Holy Bible
Sink into the familiarity of your body, feeling the beat of your heart as it circulates refreshing energy through your body.  You are home.
It’s a bitter sweet fairwell to all the beautiful memories that have dwelled so peacefully in this besoddened mind (I love you mind, there’s a place for everything).  Goodbye, these scenes of childhood endeavors playing blithely through the twisty cogs.  Goodbye the saddened feeling of helplessness seeded and nourished with tears and blood.  Goodbye stagnation and don’t know, can’t do’s.   Goodbye to all of you.  And hello, hello, hello lightning, thunder, torrents of warm rain.  Hello tingling aliveness.  Hello, warm tea and a smile inside.   Hello appreciation and creation.  Hello divine Sister and divine Brother.   Hello inner voice that sings so softly. 

It’s all about appearances, until you get inside yourself and then it’s all about truthfulness and uncovering, revealing, seeing everything, acknowledging what you’d been carrying hidden and letting it go.    It becomes all about letting go.  And eternity of letting go of things, attachment to emotions, drama, punishment, reward…It all gets let go.  The last it seems is seeming apathy; a personality trait picked up at teen years.  It pretends to persist, resist and yet it’s just a memory of a fast fading façade.  Here I am.  I love this mind, body, soul, family, planet, universe, existence.   And I live to breathe in the blessed air, to dance in the pouring rain, to bathe in the streams of sunshine, to rest in the arms of Earth. 




The anger, the tension, the whirling of endless enrapturing thought stream--These all come from the vision of "I am this".  When truth has flayed away the false skin of knowing, then can we be open to SEEING. 




Loving being able to share with everyone art that I have put much love into.  If you have any comments please post them here.  :)




The motion of the mind is untraceable.  

It's not linear; there is no coherence in it. 

Not like the motion of the ocean,

So rhythmical and magical,

Just swaying to the Moon and the Mother cycles.

 I would love to send Reiki to more people.  If anyone would like to experience long distance Reiki please don't hesitate to e-mail me.  All I ask in return is for written feedback about what you felt during the time of our session.  
Can you hear it?  The chorus of the universe? Raise your voice to the surface and OOoooommmmm with it.  It will teach you as you hum along, clear tone after deep yawning breath that expands you almost to oblivion. And as you breathe out that precious tone, you expand even more, growing, growing, growing.  Disperse as the sound vibrates into you, out of you, all through the entire universe. 
The left of the right, the dark of the light is something that is discredited, disregarded as dirty, evil, just plain old “bad”.   And what makes it bad?  What is the meaning of its seeming degradation?  We do not understand it.  It is the eternal mystery, the nonexistent, unknowingness, deep, dark, sub-consciousness.   

The common man is drawn to what is bright, what is shining in front of him in a vision of gold richness, comfort, and promise of concrete achievement and fame.   He strives for greatness in many avenues.  To have the highest job, the prettiest wife, the most handsome husband, the most intelligent and obedient children, the flashiest car, the fattest wallet that he can possibly get is the ultimate goal.  And what then?  There is not a though of the “and what then?” in the mind of this man.

When we are quiet, when the body ceases to move and one focuses on what lies beyond the mind then the darkness, the tangled mass of our subconscious begins to arise.  At first it is hard to look at and acknowledge, for all the ugliness that we have imagined and then stuffed down into the bowels of our being is now coming up into the light.  It might bring disgust, self pity, self judgment, anger.   There is no helpfulness in dismaying over what is coming to light, it only succeeds in further suppressing what can so easily be released once it is fully accepted and known.  There may come a time when it seems like all that is within is self-hatred, bitterness, grief, envy, woundedness.  And this leads to the bleeding out.   Let yourself ooze. 

Through this purging comes understanding.  We are not this image that has been held so long inside of our being.  We are not anything that anyone else has said about us.  Our truth, our way, our path, our rhythm, is completely unique to the one that has been presented to us by all the role models we have ever learned to imitate.  

When we have dove into the blackness of unknowing and found that all we had heard and feared about it is based on lies, then we are free to see for ourselves what is truly there in the depths of our being.  What has lain there in the core of yourself so long that you did not even know existed? What has spoken so quietly, tapped you on the shoulder so softly, nudged you so subtly, that you did not realized it was there until you really stopped and took at good hard look? Could it be all that you had ever searched for?  Could it be the perfect solution to all your so-called problems?  Could it be that inner bliss that is so lusted after by the mind? 

Deep inside you will find your true home, the heart of your entire being.  From here speak out your truth and become aware of the truths of all your brothers and sisters.   Here you can know that you are whole, you are al-one, only because we are all one.  Here you can accept all that you are.  Here you can rest in the eternal light of source.  Om.

Greet each new challenge with eerie recognition. to it you say, "I've seen you before. I know you well. And once more I will pass through you truly triumphant, my heart opened, my head clear, knowing that there is only this to do. there is no other choice."

The true treasure cannot be lost, only obscured. The connection with highest self, with soul, light, god, heart is ever available to you. It may be hard to feel it, impossible to see it, but it exists there in the tiniest, darkest corner of your mind, saying "here I am!" in it's softly lilting voice. "Here I am!"
If only for today, I will be happy.  If only for this moment, I will set aside worries and see all the amazing things that are, have been, and will be in my life.  If only for this moment I will feel the light of the universe that is radiating through my being from every direction and radiate that brightness from my core to the universe so that it may see just how beautiful it truly is.