"Be still and know that I am God." --Holy Bible
The opening of my Reiki practice is growing closer.  I thank all of you who have given such encouraging feedback after our sessions.  

I will be giving Reiki for free for two or three more weeks.

This is my passion and joy and I hope that you all can feel this and be able to experience for yourselves this wonderfully relaxing, clarifying, and centering energy that has pervaded all of the Reiki sessions that I have held space and intention for so far.

The link to the Song of Life Reiki page is:  SongofLife.net

Love, peace, Joy,

Karuna Elizabeth
Here is a heart it is heavy with the warm weight of caring.  It speaks always its truth and sees only in kindness.  This heart is of the world; it thrums with life force energy, it is alive.  Within it there lies a pathway.  Align with this path, walk down its winding way, closer and closer, farther and farther.  At the end you find the emptiness of pure bliss.  Welcome to the Path of the Heart.
We are all together here!  An infinite, intricate web of pearls all with their own drop of wisdom, each with its own message to the whole.  And within each pearl an ever in-spiraling connection of smaller and smaller pearls.  Fractals-beauty in infinite reflection of self on all levels.  
Life is speeding up in the best of directions.  Love as it pours out is now pouring in. 
Are you experiencing the wonder of all the love energy that you have sent out now making its way back into your life? 
Relish this time of great influx of golden light and encouragement from Universe and blast off into the infinite openness as your dreams come to life, being earthed fully and magnificently as you flower. 
Ripeness has been fulfilled.