"Be still and know that I am God." --Holy Bible
It is the undeniable truth that the spirit of god moves in every being.  The ultimate is the very real presence of love in everything that breathes.  The essence of life is presence in love, joy, and fulfillment.  when we take pleasure and take part in everything we are creating this grows the ever abounding love energy that sustains all of life. The body motions are as the swirls of milk in a cup of coffee; ever changing and transforming as the energy currents move in and around it.




the eternal bursting forth of love from the growing of awareness within each of us is something to appreciate.  gladness comes from fulfilling our purpose and responding the life in the highest possible vibration. amusement comes from knowing that we are not the grief, anger, apathy, or suffering that we are experiencing. we can be happy even when feeling the emotions of anger or sadness as they surface and are released from our cells.
What is the word or phrase for unconditional love in a few languages:
English- love that is not dependent upon anything, natural and true love, love without any preconditions
French- amour sans réserve, amour vraie et naturelle, amour inconditionnelle
German- bedingungslose Liebe, Liebe ohne jegliche Vorbehalte
Spanish- amor sin condiciones
Italian- amore senza condizioni, amore vero e naturale