"Be still and know that I am God." --Holy Bible
Being in the body and aware of the sensations it is relaying is important.  These are messages from the universe that can then be translated by your consciousness into comprehensible language.  

Being in the body means having awareness of all the parts of it from your toes to your abdomen to the crown of your head, and maybe even some of the other layers of your energy field. 

How we experience the body is how we experience the world.  The body is a sense organ.  Primarily we are conscious of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling with the skin.  Imagine being able to sense the world with your liver, kidneys, or spleen.   Your inner organ are sense organs too(Guardian Angels by Rudolph Steiner)! 
Everything is alright.  All we have to do is remember that as we toil through the heaviness that sometimes hangs over that light shining inside.  Our bodies hurt sometimes, they don't feel so hot, they get tired, achy, and stiff.  When this happens it's nice to know that this is the outward expression of my inner feelings and my body is making it crystal clear what its needs are.  It wants to move! To dance!  To shake! to jump!  Our bodies want to play in the sun with the trees and the soil.  Our bodies want to be nourished by freshly picked vegetables and fruits and clean running water.  They want to relax, to sing, and express appreciation.  They want to experience that unconditional love that is compassion. Our bodies are alive. 

I am



Feeling this body,
I know where it's been,
Knowing this body,
I see where it goes,
Being this creature of infinite light,
I am aware of what is and my mind is blown.
Sink into the familiarity of your body, feeling the beat of your heart as it circulates refreshing energy through your body.  You are home.