"Be still and know that I am God." --Holy Bible
We walk around all day encased in our thoughts, having a good day or a bad day depending on how we feel at the moment.  But what does it really matter to the person you pass by on the street, in the store, or in the hallway?  Does anyone care what kind of day you're having?  Why yes, your mood is affecting everyone you pass by.  So perhaps, you don't know each other, or maybe you do.   But you affect everyone and everyone affects you. 
If you walk around with a frown, that transfers - think of emotions like water, or air.  You swim in them, breathe in them, are completely immersed in them.  They affect how you feel. 
So what is the affect that you want to have on the world today?  Do you want to make it a happier place?  Then try smiling when you pass by strangers.  They'll see the twinkle in your eyes, the glow in your face, and they might just smile back at you.

It’s a bitter sweet fairwell to all the beautiful memories that have dwelled so peacefully in this besoddened mind (I love you mind, there’s a place for everything).  Goodbye, these scenes of childhood endeavors playing blithely through the twisty cogs.  Goodbye the saddened feeling of helplessness seeded and nourished with tears and blood.  Goodbye stagnation and don’t know, can’t do’s.   Goodbye to all of you.  And hello, hello, hello lightning, thunder, torrents of warm rain.  Hello tingling aliveness.  Hello, warm tea and a smile inside.   Hello appreciation and creation.  Hello divine Sister and divine Brother.   Hello inner voice that sings so softly. 

It’s all about appearances, until you get inside yourself and then it’s all about truthfulness and uncovering, revealing, seeing everything, acknowledging what you’d been carrying hidden and letting it go.    It becomes all about letting go.  And eternity of letting go of things, attachment to emotions, drama, punishment, reward…It all gets let go.  The last it seems is seeming apathy; a personality trait picked up at teen years.  It pretends to persist, resist and yet it’s just a memory of a fast fading façade.  Here I am.  I love this mind, body, soul, family, planet, universe, existence.   And I live to breathe in the blessed air, to dance in the pouring rain, to bathe in the streams of sunshine, to rest in the arms of Earth.