"Be still and know that I am God." --Holy Bible
My heart speaks to all.  Now it is quiet, not heard by human ears.  As i open, as i grow, so does my heart - its voice becomes louder, stronger, surer.  And it says to you: 

I am one with the universe.  What i feel, source feels.  What i know, source experiences knowing.  As i know myself, so the universe knows me.  As i know the universe, so the universe knows itself.  All the senses of the body i have created are not solely experienced by me the "i".  They are experienced by the universe as it looks through my eyes, tastes with my mouth, speaks with my tongue, hears with my heart and ears, feels with my skin, smells with my nose, perceives with my brain.

This is no separate soul speaking out of a body to all others.  This is the universe unfolding words to experience itself through another window in time.