"Be still and know that I am God." --Holy Bible
Deeksha is amazing.  I first heard about it the day before I got initiated to give it.  I was at the Pahoa health food store in Hawaii and ran into my friend (a very common occurrance).  She told me she was going to Deeksha training the next day and thought I would be interested in it.  And how could I not be interested?  I learned for her that it was a oneness blessing given by placing your hands on the top of peoples' heads--sounds cool, a little bit like Reiki, ya?  This was a few months after my first Reiki attunements. 

I decided to go to the training.  That night I made seven or 8 glass seed bead bracelets to trade for the training.  They were very beautiful and dainty. 

The next morning Lauren came and picked me up by the road early and we drove through Hilo, Hawaii to a magical bamboo sanctuary--someone's home. 

It was a weekend training.  The first day we received many deekshas, meditated, chanted, and learned about the oneness movement.  The second day we went down the road to a woods overlooking the ocean.  There we received more deeksha and took group photos.  After a light lunch and 49 minutes of dancing and chanting a mantra we each received Mukthi (initiation) in the form of a 4 minute deeksha and then placed our hands on the Padukas--sandals that represent the feet of the divine.  Afterwards we lay down for an hour to let the Mukthi sink in.

All through this training I was very aware of pain in my head and neck.  I believe it comes from old energies being removed, healing, burned away and replaced by divine energy.  I was also very surprised and ecstatic to realize that I could feel me brain as it chugged away inside my skull.  I used to bring it into conversation, now I don't pay as much attention to it though.  It has become more subtle and I am used to it, though it still fascinate me.

Now, nearly a year later, I have found a wonderful Deeksha community in Vermont and attend weekly Deeksha meetings in Burlington.  I feel so blessed to be involved with such an amazing process.  Giving Deeksha is pure bliss, the prayer for all beings to awaken to oneness consciousness.