"Be still and know that I am God." --Holy Bible
      I've been considering how unconsciously we make some very important choices and contracts.  I just found out that I'd asked a being to be with me to help me to see and imitate feminine energies because I was unsure of how to differentiate between the male and female energies and felt that I needed more female energy--This all happened without me realizing it consciously.  I got the hang of feminine energy now, and the being, a male energy, was hanging around feeding off of my newly found female energy.  
      I broke the contract and asked the being to leave and now I've very conscious of the space he left behind and how I had subconsciously been communicating with him almost constantly for the past few months or so.
      This is just another wake up call to become more present and discerning about what I ask for and what I am allowing and agreeing to in my life.

I'm determined now be to conscious of all contracts that I say yes or no to and all beings that I am interacting with.

Something I've also be working with lately is the imagery that came to me in a dream about seven months ago.  It showed my soul as this large, white/see through being that is very still, serene and patient and inside of it is this little body that's straining and kicking and pretty much just throwing a fit.  And the soul is asking--How do I let it know that everything is alright?

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