"Be still and know that I am God." --Holy Bible
Here is a heart it is heavy with the warm weight of caring.  It speaks always its truth and sees only in kindness.  This heart is of the world; it thrums with life force energy, it is alive.  Within it there lies a pathway.  Align with this path, walk down its winding way, closer and closer, farther and farther.  At the end you find the emptiness of pure bliss.  Welcome to the Path of the Heart.
Sink into the familiarity of your body, feeling the beat of your heart as it circulates refreshing energy through your body.  You are home.
Greet each new challenge with eerie recognition. to it you say, "I've seen you before. I know you well. And once more I will pass through you truly triumphant, my heart opened, my head clear, knowing that there is only this to do. there is no other choice."

The true treasure cannot be lost, only obscured. The connection with highest self, with soul, light, god, heart is ever available to you. It may be hard to feel it, impossible to see it, but it exists there in the tiniest, darkest corner of your mind, saying "here I am!" in it's softly lilting voice. "Here I am!"