"Be still and know that I am God." --Holy Bible
The song of Universe is the clarity of sound floating softly on the breath of Divine Source.  The being I am is the experience.  It is the shifting, ever flexible and fluid consciousness of the body, the surroundings, the mind.  As this consciousness is cultivated with the richness of Earth we then begin to experience the other aspects of our being, those more subtle and refined, with frequencies that do not form on the physical field.  The journey is relaxing into the experience, not running ahead of it or lagging behind. We swim along side it, stride within it, accepting to see all that is. 
Can you hear it?  The chorus of the universe? Raise your voice to the surface and OOoooommmmm with it.  It will teach you as you hum along, clear tone after deep yawning breath that expands you almost to oblivion. And as you breathe out that precious tone, you expand even more, growing, growing, growing.  Disperse as the sound vibrates into you, out of you, all through the entire universe.