"Be still and know that I am God." --Holy Bible
Everything is alright.  All we have to do is remember that as we toil through the heaviness that sometimes hangs over that light shining inside.  Our bodies hurt sometimes, they don't feel so hot, they get tired, achy, and stiff.  When this happens it's nice to know that this is the outward expression of my inner feelings and my body is making it crystal clear what its needs are.  It wants to move! To dance!  To shake! to jump!  Our bodies want to play in the sun with the trees and the soil.  Our bodies want to be nourished by freshly picked vegetables and fruits and clean running water.  They want to relax, to sing, and express appreciation.  They want to experience that unconditional love that is compassion. Our bodies are alive. 
The song of Universe is the clarity of sound floating softly on the breath of Divine Source.  The being I am is the experience.  It is the shifting, ever flexible and fluid consciousness of the body, the surroundings, the mind.  As this consciousness is cultivated with the richness of Earth we then begin to experience the other aspects of our being, those more subtle and refined, with frequencies that do not form on the physical field.  The journey is relaxing into the experience, not running ahead of it or lagging behind. We swim along side it, stride within it, accepting to see all that is. 
Thank you Universe for this wonderful Reiki.  It is changing my life and experience of the world.  May it be for the benefit of the entirety of Creation.
Our mission here is to reveal the truth; to uncover it beneath all the lies that have covered it.  Our mission is to slice away, cut through the illusions that have crippled us and made us feel small.  It is our work to open to the truth and see it unflinchingly for all that it is.  It is our time to shine out from our true selves the living light of god.
Concentrating energies now as we move into alignment with our highest purposes.  
How to focus on what we want to see manifest in our lives and holding a positive vision for the Earth and the Universe. 

Concentration can be practiced through meditation with a focus on a single object or feeling for a set amount of time.  If you are new to this, start with even 5 or 10 minutes focusing on the breath as it moves in and out of your nose.  As you get better, increase this time to 30 minutes, 1 hour, or as much time as you would like and have space for in your day.  The benefits of this practice are evident.

Focus on the worldly level of what is for our highest purposes is another discipline.  This one I have less experience with promoting consciously though we all do it all the time though not always for our highest purpose or consciously. 
This involves having a direction, a goal, and ideas and ways to move towards that goal steadily, constantly;  allowing the goal and actions to be melding and to change shapes as you progress.  Being fluid and flexible, but not flighty or inert.  Springy in each moment, aware, alert to all of the possibilities as they present themselves.

I love to look into peoples eyes and see that spark of life.  I like to say to them silently, "I see you, I love you."  I like to walk down streets with my head held high.  I feel lonely sometimes even though I believe that we are all connected and all one.  My tongue can be sharp when I speak.  A lot of times I have no tongue at all (metaphorically). I dream every night.  Telling my dreams to people helps me to remember them.  I have an altar.  I tone into my water.  Good books entrance me.  I can tune all noise out if I get really into a book. I talk to my highest self at least once a day.  I believe I am loved, protected, and guided by light beings and angels.  I am constantly changing.      
Meditation is the way to wake up from the dream.  Prayer is the cleansing rain that falls through you.  
The season of love, of fresh starts, and bright stars is here and whirling in its mighty vortex of activation energy.

I am



Feeling this body,
I know where it's been,
Knowing this body,
I see where it goes,
Being this creature of infinite light,
I am aware of what is and my mind is blown.
11:11 Gates opening as we rise up and meet the divine half way. 
Now is the day to reach towards your personal god in prayer and give thanks for all that exists in the world;  everything, though its label may be good or bad.   I thank the divine for all things on the Earth for each one is sacred in its own way.   May we learn and grow wise.  Aho.